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Tuesday, 19 March 2019
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 The A-Spec standards were developed to streamline the processes undertaken to display drainage, telecommunication conduits, road and open space assets & attributes in A-Spec member's GIS. 


D-Spec includes the assets associated with drainage and telecommunication conduits.

R-Spec includes the assets associated with road reserves; pavements, pathways, kerbs, traffic management devices, lighting, signs, etc.

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GeoCivil and A-Spec

D-Spec and R-Spec format functionality has been fully incorporated into GeoCivil. Now GeoCivil users can produce fully compliant D-SPEC & R-Spec products from their GeoCivil datasets through the appropriate A-Spec module.

Alternatively, you can supply your survey data to Geocomp Consulting and we can create the D-Spec and R-Spec outputs for you. Contact us for further details at ASPEC@geocompconsult.com.au.

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D-SPEC Related Downloads

Featured here are some D-SPEC related files and documentation. Please refer to the D-SPEC GeoCivil user manual for information about producing and working with D-SPEC format products.

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Using D-SPEC within GeoCivil - User Manual Geocomp ConsultingD-SPEC27/04/2007 364.47 Download

For D-SPEC specification and documentation, please refer to the official D-SPEC website at http://dspec.com.au.

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