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Thursday, 21 June 2018
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D-SPEC Solutions With GeoCivil


A total D-SPEC solution is provided within the GeoCivil GIS module.
GeoCivil is the complete spatial data processing and mapping package for Surveyors, Engineers and Spatial Data Professionals. Under GeoCivil, data producers can work with the full spectrum of data used in D-SPEC projects:

  • Total station interface
  • Import data from DXF, Geocomp, Civilcad, LisCAD, 12D, ASCII, etc
  • Editing and manipulation of surveyed as-constructed data
  • Assignment of attributes to Pipes, Pits and Property Connections
  • Ability to view pipe runs in elevation
  • Populate Access database tables
  • Edit database cells
  • Data verification routines
  • Export to MapInfo Mid/Mif and CSV files
  • Create Autocad drawing with all as-constructed entities in separate layers
DSPEC With GeoCivil

Geocomp Consulting offers a service to civil constructors and surveyors to process appropriate as-built survey data and export in D-SPEC format.

For more information about D-SPEC and GeoCivil, contact Geocomp Consulting.

Ph: (03) 9809 0011  or 0407 351142


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