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Tuesday, 19 March 2019
Welcome to Geocomp Consulting Pty Ltd
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Geocomp Consulting offers a range of Consulting services:

  • Sewer design
  • Flood modelling and mapping
  • Slope hazard and slippage modelling
  • Cadastral mapping and spatial upgrade
  • Network adjustment
  • Production of digital orthophotos
  • As-built data processing and production of drawings
  • Software development, customisation and production

Some of Our Consulting Projects

  • Greater Melbourne Drainage Study and Flood Mapping
    A comprehensive study and mapping project dedicated to defining flood areas in the Greater Melbourne Region. This project involved digital terrain modelling, catchment & flow path definition, water depth & velocity determination, egress risk, extents of inundatation and population of Melbourne Water's GIS.
  • Back Log Sewerage Design
    Using GeoCivil's purpose built sewerage design module, Geocomp Consulting has undertaken the "back log" design of reticulated sewerage systems for more than 10,000 properties. Design parameters and resultant drawings conform to WASA requirements.
  • Digital Image Integration
    Integrating digital imagery with conventional mapping data to support GIS and engineering design projects.
  • Creation / Maintenance of Digital Cadastres & Property Databases
    GeoCivil's purpose built functionality is used to upgrade and maintain cadastres and property datasets. Spatially accurate cadastres are created by the rigorous re-establishment of the component subdivision and title plans.
  • Slope Hazard and Slippage Modelling
    Using GeoCivil's terrain modelling, on-screen digitising and GIS tools, Geocomp Consulting has integrated geological, slope, aspect and other relevant data to map actual and possible slippages. The resultant data is output in formats suitable for integration of property data bases. 
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