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Thursday, 21 June 2018
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GeoCivil Box


Developed by Geocomp Consulting a replacement for the DOS based Geocomp and Civilcad. GeoCivil also provides support for AutoCAD file formats. It provides functionality that will appeal to users of GEOCOMP, CivilCAD, MX, Microstation and AutoCAD.
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MX Box


Based on GeoCivil, GX is a data management application specifically configured for MX users. GX retains the MX strings and draws them using the associated Plan Style Set (PSS).
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DynaNet Box


DynaNet specialises in phased least squares adjustments on coordinate networks of any size, accomodating conventional and GPS measurements. Developed by the Geomatics Department at the University of Melbourne, DynaNet is the adjustment package of choice for government geodetic agencies across Australia.
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