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Tuesday, 24 April 2018
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GX was developed by Geocomp Consulting in consultation with Infrasoft Australia (now Bentley) and the RTA NSW. Based on the GeoCivil platform GX includes direct access to the MX model file in addition to providing full GENIO import / export facitlities. Possessing the same functionality as GeoCivil, GX is configured to draw data using the MX Plan Style Set (PSS) and associated Macros. The MX strings are retained in GX and, when exporting survey data to MX, GX automatically assigns the appropriate MX string labels.

Obtaining GX

If you would like an interactive demo and 30-day working copy of GX please direct your interest to:

Email: gx-info@geocompconsult.com.au
Tel +61 3 9809 0011
Fax +61 3 9809 0022

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