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Wednesday, 19 December 2018
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Software Licensing

Geocomp Consulting's software products are generally licensed on a per user basis, and use a method of locking to activate the application. A variety of locking methods are provided, with a user being able to select the method that best serves their needs.

Licensing Methods

For greatest flexibility, our products can use one of a variety of methods:
  • network, or floating licenses
  • standalone 
  • dongle
  • demonstration or time limited trial

Network Licensing

A license server is set up on a single computer on the Local Area Network (LAN), which serves licenses to client computers on the network. Any client computer within the LAN can run the application as long as the license server has available licenses to serve.


The application is locked to a single computer only.


The application is able to run only when the dongle (sometimes called a license key) is plugged into the computer. This approach offers the flexibility of being able to run the application from any computer as long as the dongle is connected to the computer.


Demonstration or trial licenses are time limited and allow the application to run for a particular time period only, with the purpose of allowing users to evaluate the application.

Other Licensing Options

In addition to the available licensing models, Geocomp Consulting also offers:
  • time limited licensing
  • pay as you go licensing
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