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Tuesday, 20 March 2018
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Training for GeoCivil Users

Geocomp Consulting offers customised training courses for GeoCivil users to help master the rich functionality of GeoCivil. The training courses are hands-on and are geared to providing users the knowledge required to get the most out of GeoCivil's functionality.

A typical training course will:

  • demonstrate how to use GeoCivil in your business
  • demonstrate the range of GeoCivil processes and functionality
  • demonstrate the help and training resources available to users

Geocomp Consulting's trainers can work with you and your team to create customized training experiences, with content and examples closely tied to your business logic and industry specialisation. Depending on your group's learning needs, training sessions can take anywhere from a few hours to multiple days.

Training can take place in your office to enable you to gain experience of GeoCivil in your own environment. Off site training locations are also available if desired.

Obtaining Training

For more information regarding GeoCivil training, please contact Geocomp Consulting at enquiries@geocompconsult.com.au.

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