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Tuesday, 24 April 2018
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Customisation Service for Software Products

If any of our software products don't quite do what you need you might like to take advantage of our customisation service. We offer customisations from small product changes to major additions.

We can tailor any of our products to cater for a process or functional need that you have within your situation. Since each customisation is different, you should talk to us about your needs and how we can accomodate them.

We frequently release small updates to our software products, so if you'd like to see an additional feature just let us know. 

To enquire about this service, contact Geocomp Consulting at enquiries@geocompconsult.com.au.

Application Development

Our consulting and development team has over two decades experience in the digital spatial data industry working in the cadastral, survey mapping, road design, utilities and online industries. If you need a custom software application then we can produce it to your specifications.

When you obtain a custom application from Geocomp Consulting, you also get:

  • product documentation and online help
  • product training for users

Ask us how we can provide a tailored solution to your needs at enquiries@geocompconsult.com.au.

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