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Tuesday, 24 April 2018
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GeoCivil is the complete spatial data processing and mapping package for Surveyors, Engineers and Spatial Data Professionals.

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Subdivision Design

GeoCivil includes subdivision tools for developing of simple to staged subdivisions, including comprehensive coordinate geometry, lot definition and dimensioning routines. The subdivision checking routine highlights non-conforming boundaries, detects missing dimensions and sums the areas of all lots, reserves and roads and surround boundary.
  • lot creation and manipulation tools:
    • automatic lot formation
    • boundary positioning based on lot area
    • dynamic dimensions and lot areas
  • subdivision lot checking
  • estate design functionality
  • lot classes
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You can obtain GeoCivil from one of these resellers. Please contact your local reseller with any queries for pricing and licensing.

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Download a fully functional trial version of GeoCivil. Try out GeoCivil's functionality for 30 days. You will need to be registered to be able to access the download page. Registration only takes a few minutes.

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