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Tuesday, 24 April 2018
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GeoCivil is the complete spatial data processing and mapping package for Surveyors, Engineers and Spatial Data Professionals.

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Assets and GIS

GeoCivil can link elements and objects to Access database tables, allowing additional attributes to be assigned (e.g. details of pits, poles, trees, etc). Multiple attributes can be held agains a GeoCivil element (e.g a tree may have attributes of species, trunk girth, spread, height, etc). Attributes may be assigned to a linked database table or simply be displayed as a multi-line description.

Hotspot images can also be spatially referenced and hyperlinked in a DWG file enabling the associated image to "pop-up" when the associated element is clicked on the screen.

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Obtaining GeoCivil TryGeoCivilTitle.gif

You can obtain GeoCivil from one of these resellers. Please contact your local reseller with any queries for pricing and licensing.

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Download a fully functional trial version of GeoCivil. Try out GeoCivil's functionality for 30 days. You will need to be registered to be able to access the download page. Registration only takes a few minutes.

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